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             Technique training posing at the camera.
The course is divided into three successive stages, including theory, practice psychology.


calculated for 12 hours 2 hours of training which includes:

1st lesson:

  • 2 hours of theory (the concept of photography, model photo)

  • Statement of arms (the home work)


2nd lesson:

  • Setting the hand (french)

  • Study of problem areas (psycho. Analysis)

  • View photos of students (criticism)

  • Study of portrait (facial expressions)

  • Work at camera emotion (review, analysis)

  • Home work (facial expressions, emotions, hand jacket.)

3rd lesson:

  • Checking homework (on camera)

  • Portrait. Learning problem zon. Hand position in the district with hear 

  • Home work (portrait, with arms and without arms in the image)

4th lesson:

  • The theory of the positions - how to start.

  • Hands position


5th lesson:

  • Statement of hands in position (work on the camera)

  • View photo (hand positions on the camera)


6th lesson:

  • Makeup lesson - the main areas of light and shadow in the face, ascending and falling rhythm in the face, the basic texture for fotomakiyazha

  • You will receive a certificate and photo working material.


The 2nd stage is designed for 7 lessons of 2 hours. The stage is an integral part of the 1st and 3rd linking stage.

7th lesson

  • Engineering work on the chair (usual, bar, chair)

  • Technique Practice sitting at the camera.


8th lesson

  • Technique sitting, lying .

  • Wave - Theory (practice)


9th lesson

  • Engineering works in wave (arms, body)

  • Practice at the camera

10th lesson

  • Staging hand positions (geometry, symmetry, asymmetry)

  • Work on camera


11th lesson

  • Free lesson.

  • Individual selection image.

  • Work at the camera.


12th lesson

  • Basics face modeling, linear rhythm


13th lesson

  • Photography makeup - Exercises, followed by photography

  •  You get a certificate and a photo working material.


3rd stage is designed for 6 lessons of 2 hours.

14th lesson

  • Free lesson 

  • Work on camera.


15th lesson

  • Education paired.

  • Work at the camera in a pair.


16th lesson

  • Working with objects.

  • Practice at the camera.



17th lesson

  • Anti position.


18th lesson

  • Position cat.

  • Work at the camera.

19th lesson

  • Photography makeup - Exercises + shooting Portfolio

  • You will receive a certificate and photo work material + photo portfolio.

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