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Open your business in the fashion industry

If fashion is an integral part of your life, then the model agency is what you need to start your journey with. You will plunge into the wonderful world of shows, shootings, new acquaintances, travel and a good salary. And in order not to conduct business from scratch, we propose to skip this stage of initial development ...

And now more about us and our proposal.

We are an international model agency with a European registration and 10 years of experience. Our partners are the best model agencies around the world. Models Mysse regularly work with top brands, flashed on the covers of glossy magazines, conquer world podiums. We have built an excellent reputation for professionalism and guarantee the complete safety of our models anywhere in the world. Buying a franchise Mysse Agency - you will get a ready successful business with minimal investments and risks.

In a short time you get an agency registered in Europe, all of our accumulated knowledge and works, all at a very symbolic price. We create a network of representative offices capable of developing a serious model business of the international level, thus raising its prestige and debunking bias around modeling. We are interested in partners, aimed at international promotion of their models. Since the main goal of granting a franchise is the opening of new Persons for work in the world fashion, the career of which we will deal with you!

 This is a completely different level!

Country of origin


Year of foundation
company in 2009.

Year of foundation fr. activities in 2018

Format of development

For the franchisee there are 3 sources of income:

from the "model school" on the basis of the agency;

from international contracts of models;

from the services of models in your region.

Development region

Countries that are promising for franchising activities

Kazakhstan, Portugal, Italy, Colombia, Mexico, Russia, Vietnam, China, Ukraine, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia, Georgia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, South Korea, Switzerland, Poland, Colombia, Argentina.

Total investment € 13000

Total investment - the total cost of buying a franchise that includes the full cost and the entrance fee.

The cost of the franchise

                  € 10000

The cost of a franchise is the capital necessary to start a retail outlet, without an entry fee

Royalties 5-10%

Periodic payments - for the use of intellectual property

The entry fee includes:

  • Search and lease premises from 50 square meters. m.

  • Room including a model school 100-150 square meters. m.

  • Design of the workspace.

  • A set of managerial staff.

  • A set of teaching staff.

  • Primary advertising.

  • Marketing analysis.

  • Assistance in the organization of castings.

  • Providing a logo and other advertising materials.

  • Samples of contracts and contracts with models for schooling.

  • Preparation and organization of a training program for the model.

The cost of investment includes:

  • Marketing and PR-support.

  • Training for managers.

  • Accounting system CRM.

  • Permanent consultation and support at all stages.

  • Granting of contracts of foreign partners.

  • In the case of personal presence of representatives of the head office, additional flight, accommodation.

Important Features

Royalties are calculated individually, based on the characteristics of the region of the agency's opening.

The main feature of Mysse Agency is that the support of the company goes not only at the initial stage of opening, but at all stages of development and existence of the company.

We care both about your employees, models and about your and our reputation!

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